CI/CD use cases and workflows

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With so many tools and technologies available today there are countless ways to build, test, and deploy software. As part of our Bitbucket writing program, many Bitbucket users share their expertise and knowledge with how-tos and guides on how they use Bitbucket Pipelines as part of their overall development process.

And to wrap up our 12 days of CI/CD campaign, we wanted to highlight our top Community writing posts centered around Pipelines. Learn how real Bitbucket users make Pipelines part of their workflow and get inspired to try their tutorials for yourself.

Build, Test and Deploy with Pipelines to Firebase

Bitbucket user Joaquin Cid shares a tutorial on how to configure automatic builds with Pipelines and deploy an Angular app to Firebase Hosting.

Automate Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) builds using Pipelines

Community writer Ayush Sharma explains how to build a Docker image and push it to AWS Elastic Compute Registry, all from within Pipelines.

Set up Continuous Deployment and Version Control Workflow in WordPress with Pipelines

Combat "cowboy coding" with Bitbucket and Bitbucket Pipelines. Learn veteran developer Alexa Green's process for developing a new WordPress website and for redesigning/refiguring an already-live site.

And in case you're still hungry for CI/CD inspiration, here’s more of our favorite posts from the writing program focused around Pipelines.

Whether's it's scaling Android development or automating AWS Lambda deployments, you can find a tutorial for anything you're interested in. 

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