Software teams ship more often with JIRA Software and Bitbucket

Every software team aspires to be faster. Agility and dev speed lead to happier customers, partners, and employees. We at Atlassian are committed to helping teams deliver software at speed, and we’ve made significant investments integrating our products so that it all flows smoothly from concept to launch.

JIRA Software and Bitbucket are two of the most popular developer tools among software teams and many of our customers choose to integrate them. While they swear by the integration, we were curious as to whether there was a measurable improvement to their processes and if so, how. So we asked one of our product analysts to pull the data for us (anonymized and sanitized for your protection, of course).

JIRA Software and Bitbucket teams release 14% more often

We compared the number of released versions completed during the second half of 2015 by JIRA Software teams with the Bitbucket integration vs. teams without it. There was definitely a correlation. We found that software teams released 14% more often on average when JIRA Software is integrated with Bitbucket. The contrast was especially significant for smaller teams (10 users customer tier) who released 25% more often on average vs. larger teams (2000 users customer tier) who released 5% more often.

All their information is in one place…

Why do software teams with JIRA Software and Bitbucket integrated release more often? For starters, they’re using agile and Git in their development process – plus the integrations themselves, which do a lot to enhance that.

JIRA Software and Bitbucket allow you to have all important information in one place so you can stay in the tool of your choice. You can track the health and status of your next release using the release hub. It shows a summary and a breakdown of the issues in the version, grouped by status.

Another important feature, the development panel, gives you visibility into development status within the context of an issue. Lastly, when you’re ready to start work, you can create a feature branch directly from the issue in JIRA Software. JIRA Software will automatically suggest a name for your new branch in Bitbucket based off the issue key so you never get lost in your branches.

…which helps them close 23% more issues

We also compared the number of issues created in the second half of 2015 that were transitioned to a “complete” state during the same time period. We found that on average, JIRA Software customers with the Bitbucket integration closed 23% more issues vs. JIRA Software customers without the Bitbucket integration. Again, the contrast was especially significant for small teams who closed 49% more issues on average with the integration.

Integrate to accelerate

Teams that use JIRA Software and Bitbucket accelerate development by taking advantage of features like workflow triggers to automatically transition issues from one status to another based on actions taken in Bitbucket (creating a branch, merging a pull request, etc.)

Likewise, smart commits in Bitbucket let you update your JIRA issues (add a comment, log time, or transition the issue) by adding special commands to your commit messages. Features like these let you avoid repetitive tasks and focus on coding, thus helping you ship more often.

“JIRA Software and Bitbucket allow us to more easily and reliably create better software for our customers, faster”, said Itay Neeman, Director of Engineering, Splunk.

Get started today

If you still aren’t convinced, why not try it yourself? It will take you less than 30 seconds to connect JIRA Software with Bitbucket. Whether you have both tools, just one, or neither, visit our integration page to get started.

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