Around for WWDC? Meet us for a drink-up!

Swing by Bloodhound on Tuesday, June 12 at 6 PM and have a drink with the Bitbucket and SourceTree team! Come talk about Git and Mercurial, and learn how you can use Bitbucket and SourceTree to round out your development suite.

Steve Streeting, creator of SourceTree, has traveled all the way from the small island of Guernsey, England, so we’re holding a drinkup to celebrate this rare visit! He’ll be there along with Nicolas Venegas, Marcus Bertrand, and Brian Nguyen from the Bitbucket team to answer any questions about Bitbucket and Sourcetree.

If you’re already attending WWDC, be on the lookout for Steve wandering around in a SourceTree t-shirt. He’ll be eager to chat about SourceTree, and he’ll be handing out some SourceTree swag as well.
See you there!