SourceTree 1.5: Going With The Flow

Steve Streeting has made it his mission to reach out to SourceTree users and listen to what they have to say. In the last couple months, he’s even traveled to San Francisco from his hometown in the UK, hosting a drinkup to meet SourceTree customers face to face. He’s taken your feedback and pushed out some of the features you’ve asked for in the latest release – SourceTree 1.5!

What’s New?

Git-flow and Hg-flow Support

A development model first published by nvie, Git-flow (and its Mercurial equivalent – Hg-flow) organizes your repositories by formalizing the use of feature branches, releases, and hot-fixes. SourceTree 1.5 now lets you adopt this model, so you can unclutter your repository and develop stress-free.

Bitbucket Teams Support

Bitbucket Teams let you create a shared account in Bitbucket to consolidate your team-owned repositories and organize your group’s work. SourceTree now gives you options to configure Teams settings when you create a hosted repository. Easily collaborate on code using SourceTree and Bitbucket.

Reverse Granular Changes from Previous Commits

Sometimes, you need to revert a change that you made, but undoing an entire commit can be painful. Whether you want to reverse a change made in a line, a chunk of code, or an entire file, SourceTree 1.5 now gives you that power. Highlight the changes you want to undo and click reverse. Take complete control over your code — the way it should be.

A Whole Lot More

In addition to bug fixes, we’ve added a couple more of the features you’ve asked for. To name a few:

  • Added support for default push options other than ‘matching branches’. You can change this in Preferences now to other defaults (e.g. ‘current’).
  • Added global preference to disable fast-forward merges, takes effect on context menu merges too
  • Support dragging & dropping bookmarks to other apps (passing the repository paths)
  • Support creating a branch at a commit other than HEAD for Git repositories
  • And a whole lot more! To check out the rest, read through our release notes

Give the new release a try — download it for free today!