[Important Notice] Potential change to your Bitbucket Cloud bill

From October 31st, 2023, Bitbucket Cloud will begin counting all workspace members as a billable user. This is a change from our current model of only billing for users who have access to a private repository. Due to this change, customers with users who only have access to public repos or users with no access to any repos will see an increase in their bill due to a higher billable user count.

This change is a part of our efforts to align the definition of a user in Bitbucket Cloud with the rest of Atlassian's products, providing administrators consistency when managing users and budgets. One of the key projects that this change will enable is the integration of Bitbucket users into Atlassian Administration and Access, as described in https://bitbucket.org/blog/unified-user-management.

What's changing

We currently define a billable user as a user with any permissions, implicit or explicit, to a private repository in the workspace. For example, if your workspace has 100 users listed on your 'User directory' page, but only 95 users have permission to access a private repository, we currently bill you for 95 users. After October 31st, 2023, we're changing the definition of a billable user to include all users in the workspace, which means all 100 users would now be 'billable users' in the above example.

This new method of counting billable users aligns Bitbucket Cloud to Jira Software Cloud, Confluence Cloud, and our other products across cloud and data center.

How this can impact you

Paid plans: With this change, if your new number of billable users is higher than your current billable user count, you will see an increase in your bill starting on your first billing cycle after October 31st, 2023.

Free plans: If you're on a free plan and your billable user count is higher than 5 as per the new definition of billable user, all repositories in your workspace will become read-only until you remove some users or upgrade your workspace to a paid plan.

What you can do

If your organization is impacted, admins will get an email on September 29/30th (depending on your time zone) with a list of workspaces that will see an adjustment in billing because of this change. We suggest that you review any workspaces affected by this change to ensure that you want all your current users to remain on your plan moving forward.

How to review users who are not currently part of your bill:

  • Go to your workspaces page https://bitbucket.org/account/workspaces/
  • Click 'Manage'. This will be visible only on workspaces where you're an admin.
  • Click 'User Directory' in the left navigation
  • Select 'Users not on plan' in the filter dropdown. These users are currently not part of your bill but will be included in your bill after October 31st, 2023. Note: this filter will be removed after the new billing model goes into effect because all users will be on your plan.
  • Review which users you want to retain on your plan moving forward. For users whom you need to remove from your plan, click on the Actions menu associated with the user and select 'Remove'.
  • Repeat these steps for each workspace that you manage.


If you're on a paid plan and have any questions, please contact our support team. If you're on a Free plan, please ask on this Community page and one of our community support members will be able to help you.