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The fastest growing companies in the world today aren’t product companies, they’re service companies. Where we used to buy cars, we now hail a ride from a ridesharing app, and where we used to buy physical music, we now stream online. Agile and DevOps methodologies are increasingly popular today as software development teams strive to improve their velocity to keep up with this demand, and these teams are breaking down silos in order for their various engineering, support, and IT orgs to operate better together.

Continuous Delivery in particular is allowing teams to automate many of the tasks associated with building, testing, and deploying their services. This automation allows teams to meet customer demand for frequent releases while improving the quality of their services, and we’re proud to announce that Bitbucket Pipelines is now generally available to help all teams build, test, and deploy using continuous delivery, all within Bitbucket Cloud.

Configuration as code

If you missed the launch of the beta earlier this year, Bitbucket Pipelines is built right within Bitbucket Cloud, giving you end-to-end visibility from coding to deployment. With Bitbucket Pipelines there's no CI server to setup, user management to configure, or repositories to synchronize. And where your build configuration files might be hosted separately from your code, Pipelines keeps everything together in Bitbucket. Better still, your configuration files are managed and versioned, allowing for your team to view, edit, and review to ensure quality like the rest of your code.


Bitbucket native

Gone are the days of having to switch between different systems to work out the status of your builds or why they’ve failed – Pipelines brings the status of builds into your repository. You can see the status of your branches and commits everywhere in Bitbucket, giving you crucial visibility on the status of your builds when you branch and before you merge.



It’s easy to get started too – all you need to do is commit a single configuration file into your repository and you’re good to go. Your configuration can be as simple or as complex as you need and with Pipelines utilizing Docker containers, you have the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of languages.

Infinite scale

Estimating capacity for your builds is a fine balancing act. Underestimate and you risk builds queuing up, resulting in idle time for your developers; overestimate and you’re wasting money on extra capacity. Bitbucket Pipelines scales instantly, helping you avoid queues by scaling up on demand when you need it. And with Pipelines you don’t have to pay for idle time, saving you money by charging for just what you use.


Whether you want to deploy, test, monitor, analyze code, or store artifacts, complete any workflow with the tool of your choice by bringing your favorite services to Bitbucket Pipelines. We’re working with many industry leaders to ensure there’s continued support for the tools and technologies your team needs to build and ship software. Current integrations include AWS, Google, Microsoft, npm, Puppet, Rollbar, Sauce Labs, Sentry, SourceClear, TestFairy, and many more. Check out our integrations page for the full list of integrations.

Pay for what you use

Best of all, Bitbucket Pipelines utilizes a unique pay-as-you-go model for pricing. Never pay for containers and getting charged for the days, weeks, or even months when a given repository is idle; get started with continuous delivery for as little as 1 cent per minute. Based off of average use during the beta, that’s less than a cup of coffee a month for each developer!

With Bitbucket Pipelines we want to help all teams deliver better software faster, and we’re excited about the future of Continuous Delivery within Bitbucket. Try Bitbucket Pipelines and accelerate your team’s releases today.


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