Code collaboration made easier with new, exciting features

We recently added four new features to make it easier for you and your team to collaborate on code using Bitbucket:

File-level code comments
In addition to comments on images and binary files, you can now leave comments at the file level for code and text files. This makes it easier to have a high-level discussion that applies to the entire file.


Improved commit message handling
The commits history, compare view, and pull request pages now display full commit messages when listing commits. Commit message text after the first line is displayed in gray text, providing better context. And you can mouse over the commit message to see it in full. No need to click on the individual commits to see the full commit messages.


Pull request links in the terminal
The Bitbucket CLI provides links (as URLs) right in your terminal to create and view pull requests when creating and updating remote branches with Git and Mercurial. Quickly copy and paste the URL in the browser to update the pull request.


Pull request form auto-fill
The create pull request form now automatically fills in the description field based on the incoming branch’s commit messages.


For branches with one commit, the commit message is the title. For branches with multiple commits, the branch name is the title, and the commit messages pre-fill the description. This saves you the hassle of typing a title and a description for every pull request.