Edit your code in the cloud with Bitbucket

Have you ever wanted to make a quick change to a file in a repository without having to clone it locally? You want to edit your code where it lives. Introducing the Bitbucket online editor: edit your code directly with Bitbucket – no command line, no cloning, no local editor.


Edit any file, anywhere

From Bitbucket, you can edit any file, anywhere, all you need is your browser. Once you’re happy with your edits, you can commit straight away or create a pull request to contribute your changes.

Edit button from Source

Once you select Edit from the source browser, Bitbucket activates the editor and away you go. Syntax highlighting and diff view are all an integrated part of the code editing experience.

Bitbucket editor

The editor is intelligent enough to determine the indentation style from the file’s original contents. If it’s off the mark, you can manually set your preferred indent mode and tab size.


The workflow is flexible for every team’s process – commit directly to the branch you’re editing on, or create a pull request and select your reviewers. If you don’t have write access, Bitbucket will automatically create a fork for you and commit your changes before submitting a pull request.

Quickly react to pull request feedback

Editor from pull requests

If your team is like ours, you’re using pull requests for code review. Often times, you have changes you need to make based on feedback from your teammates before your code is merged. Editing online shouldn’t get in your way. The Bitbucket online editor allows you to edit your open pull requests directly. We’ll even update your pull request for you once you’ve committed your changes.

Built with CodeMirror

At the core of the Bitbucket online editor is CodeMirror – an excellent open-source JavaScript code editor component. The project’s terrific extension API as well as its top-notch documentation made implementation nearly painless. In addition, the friendly MIT license, the editor’s blazing-fast performance, and the project’s support for a wide number of languages made the choice of CodeMirror an easy one.