Finnovation™ brings you a heap of new features

Here in Bitbucket-land we practice innovation week, a time for the team to work on whatever they desire. Now, we’ve taken the concept even further with our first Finnovation week.

Why? Well, after the last three innovation weeks, we had a number of really exciting projects that were almost ready to ship. They just needed a bit of Finnovating!

Free your issue data


Atlassian believes your data is yours and should not be locked into any one system. If you administer a Bitbucket issue tracker, you can now Import & Export your issue data. This feature is handy for moving issues between Bitbucket repos. Of course, we’ve documented the issue data format too, just in case you want to roll your own import or export extension.

Pull request code review keeps getting better

We are constantly improving the code review experience via pull requests. Key to that experience is the ability to review binary content. Almost every feature we review has some graphical element. This content is every bit as important as code.


Now you can comment on binary files within diffs and pull requests. The feature matches comments to the file revision they were made against; just use the pull request Activity tab to see the full history of an image’s review.

One click import of all your GitHub repositories


Nothing should come between you and storing your code on Bitbucket. Nothing.  Users can use our external repository importer to easily create new Bitbucket repositories from code that started its life elsewhere.

Earlier this year we allowed you to link your Bitbucket account to your GitHub account. Now you can import all your GitHub repositories with one click from your linked account.

Branches and tags selector on the commits screen

Our repository Commits view defaults to displaying all of your commits, across all branches and tags. You could always filter that view to only show commits for a single branch or tag but doing so required using the less-than-ideal search input.


The new Branches and Tags selector makes filtering faster. It even remembers your filter selection when you switch between the Commits and Source views.

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