Introducing: Repo Transfers

A couple weeks ago, we launched our new Teams feature to make it easier for our users to collaborate on Bitbucket. Today, we’re happy to introduce Repo Transfers to make it easier to share repositories amongst your team.

Repo Transfers allow you to change the ownership of a repository to another team or user account. Transfer any group repositories from your account to your team’s account and share it with your fellow team members. The account holder you are sending the repository to must accept the transferred repository to complete the transfer. Transferring a repository moves the commit history, issue tracker, and wiki associated with that repository along with the source.

Get Started

In order to transfer a repository, you must be an admin of that particular repo. Click the Admin tab, and select Transfer Repository from the left side of the menu.

Enter the username of the user or team account you want to transfer your repository to. Bitbucket will send a transfer request to that particular user or team account.

If you receive a transfer request, Bitbucket will send you a transfer request message in your inbox. If you have administrative rights to multiple accounts, you can choose the account that should own the repository through a drop down menu. This can be an account other than the account listed on the transfer request message.

After a repository changes owners, any configuration files that contain the old URLs must be updated, as the repository’s URL will change to reflect the repository’s change in ownership. To find out more on how to do this along with other specific details about repository transfers, check out our documentation on repository transfers.

Innovation Week

Repository Transfers were built as a part of Bitbucket’s new Innovation Week. At the end of each dev cycle, the Bitbucket team will now spend a week to develop new features that they want to work on. Stay tuned to the blog for more information on Innovation Week features in the future.