A cleaner, more personal Dashboard

The Bitbucket User Dashboard is a portal of information for projects you are involved in. Tons of information flows through the dashboard – especially if you have access to a large number of repositories, or if you are part of a team. Bitbucket now makes it easier for you to filter the information important to you on your User Dashboard.

Repository Listings

We’ve cleaned up the repository listings, so it’s easy to find the repositories you’re looking for. Filter your repositories by typing in the name of the repo, or use one of our pre-built filters to look up a repo that you follow, own, or share with your team.

Team Listings

The new Dashboard has made it even easier to access your Teams. At a glance, see which teams you are a member of as well as important information about your teams, such as number of members and number of repositories. Use the Teams list to access your Teams Dashboard to see what the latest activity is and to manage your team settings.