The new Bitbucket dashboard – all your code activity, all in one place.

Let’s face it, we’re rarely ever working on just one thing at a time. In Bitbucket land, many of us have multiple repositories involving any number of pull requests or issues we need to stay on top of. With all that activity to keep track of, getting a proper high-level overview can be difficult.

That’s why today we’re happy to announce the release of one of our most commonly requested features, dating all the way back to Bitbucket’s inception ? an account-wide view of all your pull requests and issues. Get that big-picture view with the new Bitbucket Dashboard ? all your code activity, all in one place.

An account-wide view of all your pull requests and issues.

We’ve updated the dashboard to include a high-level overview of all the pull requests and issues relating to you, across all of the repositories that you’re interacting with. At a glance, you can now see the number of open pull requests you’re in the process of reviewing, as well as the number of open issues assigned to you.

Find what you need

Dashboard Filters

On the dashboard, it’s easy to drill down and find the pull request or issue you’re after using filters. For pull requests you can restrict to code that is still under review, those that you’ve created, as well as all of pull requests that you’re watching.

For issues, you have the ability to filter by those assigned to you, as well as those that you’ve reported or are participating in (by commenting, attaching files, or editing). We also allow you to filter by the issues you’re watching, similar to pull requests.

Watch what’s important to you

Dashboard watch and unwatch quick links

Quickly watch or unwatch any pull requests and issues from the new dashboard by clicking the watch / unwatch eye icon. This handy feature has also found its way into the individual repository listings of pull requests and issues, providing you with a quick and simple way to keep tabs on the items most important to you.

Perfect for teams

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