New improvements for Bitbucket Cloud Projects

A few weeks ago, we introduced the concept of projects in Bitbucket Cloud based on requests from many of you. This is a unique feature of Bitbucket and has already proven helpful for teams who need a way to organize their repositories – especially teams in larger organizations managing hundreds (or thousands) of repositories. We’re constantly striving to innovate and add valuable features to Bitbucket Cloud, and we wanted to let you know about several improvements to Bitbucket projects already in the works:

  • Available today
    • Flexible dashboard sorting: we’re adding a “Last updated” column, so you can sort by any of the columns on the dashboard.
  •  Coming soon
    • Full API support: this will allow you to organize your repositories using API calls.
    • Repo avatars: we’re committed to bringing back the repository avatars.

Why should you use Projects?
As organizations grow, team sizes get bigger, and more and more repositories get added. It gets progressively harder to find the repository you're looking for. Projects make it easier for your team to organize repositories and be more productive with Bitbucket Cloud. Some of the main use cases we've seen so far include:

  • Large teams using projects to group, manage, and organize their repositories around a specific team or organizational structure
  • Teams using projects to group a large number of active repositories into smaller chunks, making them easier to find
  • Teams organizing repositories around specific technologies or languages
  • Agencies organizing repositories based on client needs

Dashboard sorting preview
We’ll be continuously iterating on projects in Bitbucket Cloud, and we’re shipping some changes to our dashboard today. We're introducing the last updated column as requested by many customers over the last month which, in combination with our updated filter bar, will make it easier than ever to stay on top of your team's work and find the repositories that you're most interested in. To accommodate these changes, we've removed the “Recently viewed” table, however those repositories are still only a click away in the repositories menu.

Here’s a preview of the new dashboard:


What's next?
We’re committed to helping your teams deliver software at speed, so please keep the feedback coming! Projects are already making a big impact on the way teams organize and manage their repositories with Bitbucket and we’re looking forward to continuing to iterate on the experience based on everything we’ve heard so far. For further discussion, we will be available on this Reddit thread to answer any more questions you might have around Bitbucket projects.

Happy coding!