Distributed teams can now build faster with Bitbucket

Strong innovators have always aspired to be faster. Fast development cycles lead to more innovation and lower costs according to a recent survey on innovation by Boston Consulting Group. We at Atlassian are committed to helping teams deliver software at speed. Last September, we announced critical new capabilities to enable teams to do just that: build faster with Bitbucket. We're excited to announce that these features are now available:

  • Smart Mirroring to improve clone performance for distributed teams, available in Bitbucket Data Center
  • Git LFS support to allow collaboration on all file types of any size, available in Bitbucket Server and Data Center
  • Projects for organizing multiple repositories, available in Bitbucket Cloud, Server and Data Center

Smart Mirroring

Git Smart Mirroring

Many software teams using Git can build up large repositories over time due to a large amount of historical information, use of monolithic repositories, storage of large files, or a combination of the three. Developers working from remote locations need to wait hours when cloning, which is a big drain on productivity. Smart Mirroring can drastically improve read (clone, fetch, pull) performance for distributed teams working with large repositories by making them available from a nearby server. As an example, in one of our own internal tests, we have seen clone times get 25X faster for 5GB repositories between San Francisco and Sydney.

A mirror server is simple to configure, easy to maintain, and automatically uses existing authentication mechanisms. Unlike some other solutions available in the market, you don’t need to install or configure a whole new instance in order to create a mirror server, or mirror the repositories one at a time. Administrators will love how simple it is to host a mirror server, and developers will appreciate how the vastly improved clone and fetch times speed up their workflow.

Interested in learning more about Smart Mirroring? Register for the webinar, "Speed up distributed development with Smart Mirroring for Bitbucket Data Center" happening on March 3rd.

Git Large File Storage (LFS)

Git Large File Support | Git LFS

Modern software teams at their core consist of not just developers but designers, QA engineers, writers, and more. These teams track assets such as graphics, videos, and other binary files that are inherently large. Git’s original performance goals for distributed version control weren’t optimized for tracking large binary files, making it unsuitable for storing large assets. With the addition of Git LFS support, software teams can track all the assets they produce together in one single place and be productive at the same time. Large files are kept in parallel storage, and lightweight references are stored in your Git repository making your repositories smaller and faster.


Bitbucket Projects

As organizations grow, team sizes get bigger, and more and more repositories get added. It gets progressively harder to find the repository you’re looking for. Projects make it easier for teams to organize their repositories and become more productive with Bitbucket Cloud. This feature is already available in Bitbucket Server and Data Center. We also took this opportunity to refresh our UI in Bitbucket Cloud and make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Get started with Bitbucket

With the addition of Smart Mirroring, Git LFS, and Projects – Bitbucket is now more suited than ever for professional teams. Organizations of all sizes – from large enterprises such as Verizon and Nordstrom to small startups like Pinger and Kaazing – are using Bitbucket today, and we’ve heard from many that they’ll be using these new features in the coming weeks.

“Many of our customers have distributed teams that have experienced pain around storing large binary files and cloning performance. Smart Mirroring and Git LFS are two huge game changers that will boost productivity for our clients using Bitbucket around the globe. We are excited to roll it out to all our customers.” – Zubin Irani, Chief Executive Officer, cPrime

“Our developers are spread all over the world, and Bitbucket helps them remain aligned as they build powerful solutions for our customers. We are very excited about Smart Mirroring in Bitbucket which will not only improve multi-site clone performance but will also increase developer productivity of distributed teams.” – Kurt Chase, Director of Release Engineering, Splunk

Our JIRA Cloud customers picked Bitbucket as their #1 Git solution. More than 1 in 3 Fortune 500 companies trust Bitbucket and are using it every day to innovate faster. If you’re new to Git, head over to “Getting Git Right.”

Or, if you’ve already made a decision to switch to Git, click the link below!

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