Scaling in Bitbucket Cloud: new features and reliability numbers

More and more applications are moving to the cloud. It is growing so rapidly that revenue from public cloud platforms, business services, and SAAS will grow 22%, reaching $236 billion by 2020 according to Forrester*. But why? The flexibility to scale cloud capacity, decreased hardware costs, automatic software updates and the ability to access critical information anytime, from anywhere makes a powerful business case for cloud.

The second wave of adoption will be moving the full software development workflow to the cloud for the same reason applications moved: accelerating business velocity. Having your apps and your CD pipeline in the cloud in one integrated platform reduces the need to switch between tools, cuts down on complexity, and gives companies a big competitive advantage by enabling rapid agile delivery. We are committed to meet teams where ever they are on their cloud journey, which is why we built Pipelines, LFS and Mirroring in Bitbucket.

New Features: Pipelines, Git LFS, Smart Mirroring and more

To help both our on-premise and SaaS customers scale in the cloud, today we’re announcing new features focused security, collaboration, and performance:

  • Bitbucket Pipelines – now out of Beta: Your team can build, test, and deploy from Bitbucket. Pipelines built right within Bitbucket, giving you end-to-end visibility from coding to deployment. With Bitbucket there's no CI server to setup, user management to configure, or repositories to synchronize.
  • Git Large File Storage (LFS) – now out of Beta: Developers using large binary files and rich media can now collaborate on 80+ file types of any size and store all their files in one place. Git LFS stores your large files externally and keeps your actual Git repository lightweight, resulting in faster cloning and fetching times.
  • Bitbucket Data Center on AWS: Companies looking to gradually move their infrastructure to a public cloud can still have the control they desire by hosting Data Center on AWS.

Bitbucket media file viewer

Premium Features- now in a free trial: Some teams require granular admin controls, security, and auditing capabilities. For them, we’re introducing a new Premium plan that is available for all users as a free trial for a limited time including the following features:

  • Smart MirroringSmart Mirroring can drastically improve read (clone, fetch, pull) performance for distributed teams working with large repositories by making them available locally in your own network.
  • Merge checksTo help customize your workflow, you can set checks to control when a pull request can be merged. You can set checks like requiring a minimum number of approvals, requiring tasks to be resolved, enforcing a minimum number of successful builds, and more.

Security and reliability improvements in Bitbucket Cloud

Source code in the cloud used to be unthinkable due to security and reliability concerns, but the momentum has shifted. Today, if you build for the cloud, you should build in the cloud. Bitbucket has seen a massive trend in this direction with a 142% compounded annual growth rate over the last 3 years among professional software teams moving their source code to the cloud.

Over the last we’ve made major investments in upgrading our hardware, improving monitoring and alerting, reconfiguring internal and external network infrastructure, and revised database queries and configurations. We’re proud to see these investments paying off with 99.98% uptime in June, 100% in July, 99.98% in August, and 99.98% in September.

We’ve also launched a slew of security updates over the last year to ensure your company’s most precious asset is safe. 2 factor authentication (2FA), Universal Second Factor(U2F), improved SSH to accept ECDSA and ed25519 user keys, and added HTTPS to our hosted sites are just the beginning.

Pay only for what you need with per user pricing

Most companies use SaaS so they can scale easily in the cloud and pay only for what they use. In our current model, unless you have exactly 10, 25, 50 or 100 users, you can end up paying for seats you don’t use. In the new pricing model (price-per-user) you only pay for the users who are actually part of your team. The Standard plan includes the Bitbucket you love at $2/user/month. The Premium plan at $5/user/month is for teams that require granular admin controls, security and auditing. Bitbucket Cloud will still be free for small teams of up to 5 users. More details can be found here.

Get started

At Bitbucket, we invest heavily in both our cloud and on-prem platforms so we can meet teams whereever they are, whether hosting their source code using Bitbucket Server behind the firewall or in the public cloud, or making the full move of their source code to Bitbucket Cloud.

We hope you enjoy Bitbucket’s new features. Let’s start shipping more awesome things together.

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*The Public Cloud Services Market Will Grow Rapidly To $236 Billion In 2020, a September 2016 Forrester report

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