Great Article about Fork/Pull on TechRepublic

Chad Perrin just posted a great article over on TechRepublic about using Bitbucket’s fork & pull request features to encourage collaboration on both open-source and closed-source project.

Bitbucket provides all the tools you need to make it trivially easy to access, vet, and ultimately merge contributions with the main development codebase, assuming the contributor has a Bitbucket account. Central to the toolset Bitbucket provides for this is the humble fork.

We do this all the time on the Bitbucket team, and obviously lots of you folks do as well — in my opinion, it’s the most game-changing aspects of adopting DVCS, whatever your team structure. This article serves as a great introduction to the concept, so if your colleagues aren’t taking full advantage of the power of DVCS — maybe this can help them get started.

Read the whole thing!