Bitbucket is hiring a new development lead – come join the team!

Join Bitbucket today — Bitbucket is looking for an inspirational engineering leader to help us build Bitbucket for the future. We’re growing the service and the team, and we’re tackling some of the biggest challenges around. You’ll help scale our service for millions of developers around the world.

Improve software development for everyone — Bitbucket is bringing the power of DVCS to developers everywhere, to help them share code and create better software together. At Bitbucket you and your team will imagine, design, build, and release features that the next generation of software developers will use to change the world.

Make an impact, fast — At Bitbucket, you’ll focus on shipping code to our users every day, building resilient systems that withstand chaos, and learn instantly from how live users behave.

Be the change you seek — With Bitbucket’s ShipIt days, 20% time, and innovation weeks you can showcase your genius. We don’t just want your opinions, we want to see your ideas in action. We hire great people and trust them to be great.


Who You Are

  • A hands-on technical leader for a small team — with first-hand experience of shipping software projects.
  • Able to slice and dice problems so they can be worked on by several people.
  • Enthusiastic about mentoring other developers.
  • Relaxed yet enthusiastic; calm but urgent.
  • A creative and innovative problem-solver.
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Excited about building for the modern web.
  • Familiar with the best of agile software development.
  • Able to learn new languages, frameworks and tools.
  • Able to legally work in the US today.


What you know

  • How to build web-apps with Python and Django.
  • How to design a scalable and efficient platform for transferring and storing massive amounts of data.
  • How to run a large-scale, popular, reliable and performant web service.


What You’ll Do

  • Ship great code — Lead a team of crack Bitbucket developers to create features and build the infrastructure that will make Bitbucket the tool of choice for the next generation of software devs.
  • Plan for the future — Stay ahead of Bitbucket’s rapid growth by building a reliable but nimble platform.
  • Grow your team —Provide technical leadership and mentorship through pairing, code reviews and design.
  • Stay on target — Make iteration commitments and ensure your team meets them. Help the team schedule work, remove any impediments, and facilitate timely decision making.
  • Find the path — Explore new work to better understand the size and shape of features. Guide the team to make accurate estimates and good trade-offs.
  • Keep channels open — Communicate with your lead and your peers to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Innovate — Champion the effective use of 20% time, ShipIt Days and Innovation weeks within your team. Lead by example.
  • Use the power of Atlassian — Work with other teams across the company to use their expertise. Keep everyone informed, and ensure the points of coordination are handled smoothly.
  • Know your team — Use techniques like regular one-on-one meetings to make sure that you’re getting the best from your people.


You’ll love it here

Bitbucket is a part of Atlassian. We help innovators everywhere dream, plan, build, and launch great software. More than 23,000 companies of all sizes—including Blizzard, Pixar, Twitter, Netflix, NASA and Facebook—use our issue tracking, collaboration, and software development products to work faster and smarter, together.

With offices in Sydney, San Francisco and Amsterdam, we are growing fast, and we are building a different kind of software company: one that listens to customers, encourages innovation and solves customer problems with brilliant simplicity. We’re out to transform the way developers build great software. We live our values. Find out more about Life at Atlassian.


Sounds great!

Show us your résumé, CV, blog, Bitbucket or GitHub profile, open-source contributions, or things you’ve built. We want to see your amazing work!