Introducing Quick File Search

Have you ever been in this scenario: you are in a rush and need to find a file that you know the name of, but can’t remember where that file lives? You search the file browser in Bitbucket directory after directory… and finally find that elusive file.

When you’re looking for something in your DVCS projects, you want find it fast. We set out to make file search better, simpler, faster.

Meet the new file search

We’ve made it incredibly easy to jump to the exact file that you want to find or to search more broadly. From any repository page, simply press F and the quick file search dialog will appear.

Bitbucket quick file search

Bitbucket uses a variation of “fuzzy” searching, meaning you can enter the query “aui src .js” and we’ll return all files with the extension .js in the /aui-sandbox/src/ directory. If you’ve ever used Sublime Text’s or TextMate’s Command+T file search, you’ll feel right at home.

There are a few additional tricks baked into this feature as well. Here’s a quick rundown of what else you can do with fuzzy file searching:

  • Filter by directory path e.g. /media app.js to search for public/media/app.js
  • Use camelCasing e.g. ProjME to search for
  • Filter by extension type e.g. /repo .js to search for all .js files in the /repo directory
  • Separate your search with spaces e.g. /ssh pom.xml to search for src/ssh/pom.xml

We’ve also paid homage to the Vim diehards out there; you can navigate the list of files with Ctrl+J (next) and Ctrl+K (previous) and view a file with Ctrl+O.

Moar shortcuts!

Bitbucket features a host of other keyboard shortcuts to make repository and account management a breeze.


Just hit ? at any time to see a full listing of the shortcuts available in your current context.

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