New audit logs give you the who, what, when, and where

When it comes to your account on Bitbucket, security and privacy is paramount — which is why we’ve added a full audit log for any changes made to personal and teams accounts.

Bitbucket audit log

Changes made by yourself, or third party applications configured via OAuth will be recorded in the audit logSome of the events you’ll see when reviewing your accounts are:

  • Basic account information (name, location, website) updates
  • Changes to email addresses
  • Links with third party accounts (Google, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Addition of OAuth services integrations
  • Groups & general access list changes
  • Creation and deletion of repositories

In addition, we also record the IP address associated with the change so you’ll know exactly where the change has come from.

Keep track of your team

The audit log also works for team accounts: If you manage repositories under a team account like we do, you can now see who changed the team name, who created a group, or who deleted a repository.