New direct image uploads for Bitbucket

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is one cliché that the Bitbucket team takes to heart. Every day, we use images to help make things clearer a screen shot of a feature gets added to your code review so reviewers know what to expect, or an illustration of steps involved to reproduce a bug when creating a JIRA issue. Images can liven up the documentation on a wiki, or just help make a point.

Our guess is, your team does this too. So we’re happy to announce that today, we’re making it really easy to do all these fun and useful things by uploading your images right to Bitbucket.

Image uploader

Say it with .JPEGs (or .PNGs, or .GIFs)

You can upload images anywhere you see the markup toolbar – just click the image button to get started. Select an image from the file chooser or drag one to the dialog, or you can drag an image right into the comment box! We’ll upload your image and insert the link into your markup, ready to be seen.

Image drag and drop

Image privacy

Uploaded images use the same security settings as the repository they are added to. If your repository is private, only people with access can see the images you upload there.