Now with Code Commenting and Mentions

Two months ago we revamped our pull request feature to help teams using DVCS and Bitbucket increase their productivity. One bit was missing though; the ability to easily have a conversation around code changes.

This is why we are excited to announce threaded commenting for pull requests and changesets!

Below is a screenshot of a recent pull request conversation we had when building the new @mentions feature for code commenting ? oh yeah, we added a new email notification so that when someone needs your attention you will be sure to notice.

Adding comments

Have something to say? Simply click on any ‘Add comment’ link and start typing.

When commenting, you might have a few code suggestions of your own to make ? to make these comments easy to read, we support syntax highlighting for code snippets. Additionally, there is a commenting tool bar for issue and changeset linking.

Repository owners and contributors will receive an email notification of your comment. Knowing that you already have enough email to deal with, email threading has been improved for those of you using Gmail.


Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback since we revamped pull requests earlier this summer.

We want to make code collaboration even better for small teams. Let us know how we can make your team even more productive!