Preview your pull requests and more with Atlassian for VS Code 2.0

Earlier this year we released the Atlassian for Visual Studio Code extension, bringing Bitbucket and Jira closer to where developers work every day. The extension allowed you to view and create issues, pull requests, and pipelines without ever leaving the IDE. The extension speeds up your workflow with time-saving features like the “Start work” button (to create a branch and transition an issue in one step) and the ability to create an issue from a //TODO code comment directly from your editor.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Atlassian for Visual Studio Code 2.0 and 2.1! You can now preview pull request diffs before you create them so you can catch any last minute fixes. These releases also add support for Server & Data Center deployments of Bitbucket and Jira and a wider variety of Jira issue configurations, helping more developers save time. We’ve also got a single view for all of your issues and fine-tuned notifications so you can stay up to date on your work.

Pull request diff previews

While the extension allowed you to create pull requests directly from VS Code, you had to go back to the Bitbucket website in order to preview the diff you were about to ask teammates to review. In 2.1 you can now preview your pending PR’s diff before you create it, helping you catch any last minute fixes.

Support for Server and Data Center editions of Jira and Bitbucket

With version 2.0 you can connect your IDE with on-premise deployments of Bitbucket and Jira to view issues, create pull requests, and more. You can connect both to on-premise and cloud versions simultaneously.

Support for more Jira issue fields and configurations

Jira supports a wide range of fields and workflows adaptable for every team’s needs. This release adds support for more fields such as time tracking, adding issues to sprints, and removed default statuses. Now you can view and update even more issues without having to leave your IDE.

View all your issues across multiple sites and instances

Many large organizations split their work across several on-premise instances, cloud sites, or a combination of both. Contract developers find themselves working across many sites as they work with their customers. With this update, you can see a single list of all of your issues across all the sites and instances you’re working in. This gives you a complete view of your upcoming work so you can prioritize what to work on next.

Fine-tuned notifications

The existing in-app notifications on new issue creation help reduce context switching. In this version you can now choose which specific Jira filters you want to be notified about. For example, you might want to receive a notification when a new issue is assigned to you but not for every new issue in a project.

We’d love for you to try out the latest version of Atlassian for Visual Studio Code. Got feedback? Let us know via the Send Feedback button on the Atlassian Settings screen. Happy coding!