Reduce technical debt on Bitbucket Cloud with PullRequest

This article was written with Lyal Avery from PullRequest, a company that provides code review as a service to help teams improve their code quality and maintainability. This blog is one of a series written by companies who attended our recent Bitbucket Cloud Dev Week.

The global cost of bad code is approaching $85 billion. Imagine what your team could accomplish with the time, money, and engineering resources saved through reducing tech debt and prioritizing code quality.

Bitbucket Cloud Dev Week was an incredible opportunity for our team to connect with Bitbucket Cloud developers in San Francisco. We decided to build an app that allows teams focused on clean code to get seamless feedback from vetted, professional code reviewers directly in their Bitbucket workflow. This would build on our previous app which was missing key features of our more mature GitHub integration.

Using the newly updated Bitbucket Cloud’s V2 APIs and Connect we were able to build an integration that syncs pull requests hosted in Bitbucket Cloud to our own code review platform. These new tools made it faster and easier than ever to build a new Bitbucket app.

On-demand code review for your pull requests

After installing the Bitbucket app from PullRequest, you can request an on-demand review for specific pull requests by clicking “Request Review” on your dashboard or by adding [pr] to your pull request title, or set up Auto Review to send every pull request to our network of professional reviewers.

Admins can request a review for every pull request in a Bitbucket repository or individually.

After your team submits a pull request in Bitbucket, the app sends it to the PullRequest network of thousands of vetted code reviewers who thoroughly review and provide inline feedback without your code ever leaving Bitbucket. There’s no new software to learn or process to adopt — it just works.

Comments about the pull request show up in Bitbucket Cloud

With PullRequest's Bitbucket app, the feedback is synced so your team receives it directly in your Bitbucket workflow, including the new Bitbucket code review experience. Thanks to the new app built on the V2 APIs, the code review feedback and responses sync seamlessly.

Inline comments display in Bitbucket Cloud

Get started

Use our network of professional code reviewers to help you identify bugs and improve code quality. Install PullRequest's Bitbucket app or check out our Bitbucket documentation for more info on our integration with Bitbucket Cloud and Bitbucket Server.