Bitbucket Cloud Dev Week wrap up

As part of the update to Bitbucket Cloud’s V2 APIs we announced a couple of weeks ago, we invited five companies from our developer ecosystem to build apps during Dev Week, a week long event at our offices in San Francisco. The premise of the week was simple – with a focus on providing a more robust and consistent usage experience when building integrations with Bitbucket Cloud, what better way to put the updated APIs to the test than putting them in the hands of app developers themselves? A number of Bitbucket Cloud developers teamed up with these partners, helping them build their integrations on the Connect platform and helping identify other ways we can improve the APIs and the overall developer experience.

We received great feedback throughout Dev Week, with everyone impressed with the new APIs and with Connect in particular, which allowed them to build their apps at speed and with ease.

“Our product integrates with a lot of tools in a developer’s toolchain, and integrating with Bitbucket Cloud was by far the easiest so far.”Sourcegraph

Each of the five partners plan to release their apps shortly, and we’ll be highlighting each one with blogs over the coming months. Here’s a brief look at the apps coming to Bitbucket Cloud in the not-too-distant future.


Fossa provides tools that continuously scan and comply with open source licenses without slowing down development. For Dev Week, they built a “Dependency Insights” dashboard for Bitbucket Cloud, allowing users to view an index of all the third party code their team depends on and receive alerts about any issues at-a-glance.


JFrog builds tools that handle artifact management and distribution, including Artifactory and Bintray. They focused on building a release management dashboard in Bitbucket Cloud that shows artifacts created during a release cycle that works with both Bitbucket Pipelines and Bamboo. They also built a second integration with Bitbucket Pipelines to push packages to Artifactory using the JFrog CLI.


pullRequest is an integrated marketplace for code review, allowing teams to get their code reviewed through pullRequest’s network of third party developers. The team built a real time review app that syncs code review work being performed by third party reviewers in pullRequest with the Bitbucket Cloud pull request.


SonarSource provides world-class solutions for continuous code quality. The application they built during Dev Week targets teams who analyze their source code on SonarCloud and who want to display code quality results inside Bitbucket Cloud, from the repository overview page, inside pull requests, or triggered via Bitbucket Pipelines.


Sourcegraph is a tool that helps code search and intelligence. The team built additional search and forward navigation into Bitbucket Cloud, including hover tool tips that allows users to jump to the definition or all the references to a function or class in Sourcegraph.

A big thanks to all the partners who attended the week and helped put our updated APIs and docs to the test. And if you haven’t tried them out yourself, give them a go and let us know what you think!