Celebrating 10 million Bitbucket Cloud registered users

Today we're excited to announce the developer community on Bitbucket Cloud has reached 10 million registered users. This is a milestone we're incredibly proud of and we're honored so many of you rely on us to help turn your ideas, dreams, and aspirations into reality.

Since Bitbucket's inception in 2008 our mission has been simple – to unleash the potential of every team by helping them code, test, and deploy software together. With over 28 million repositories and counting, this milestone is a testament to you, our users, who have provided valuable feedback over the years to improve the product. Whether you're a student learning to code for the first time or one of over 60 of the Fortune 100 who use Bitbucket on a daily basis, the product has been shaped by you into something more than just a place to host your code but a platform to build and deploy software and to collaborate with others.

We believe in a truly open suite without vendor lock in. That means we deliver best of breed integrations with Atlassian tools like Jira, Trello, and the rest of the Atlassian family, and it also means we play a role in bringing the industry together through open integrations with AWS, JFrog, Datadog, LaunchDarkly, Slack and many, many others. Whether you want to deploy, test, monitor, analyze code, or store artifacts we've got you covered.

When Bitbucket launched over 10 years ago it was a place to host your code, but over the years it has matured into something far greater, becoming the center of collaboration with dev and ops, letting you build, test, and deploy new features faster than ever before. Bitbucket Pipelines helps teams adopt CI/CD in the cloud, and in just a couple of years we now see over 3 million build minutes run every week. And with the addition of Deployments to help teams track and deploy to environments we expect this trend to continue.

Looking to the future

We've made great strides in the product over the years but we're just getting started. We will continue to build the best development platform for Jira users, helping every team adopt CI/CD in the cloud, and unleash the potential of your team through an open suite of integrations. On behalf of the entire Bitbucket team I want to say thanks – thanks for trusting us with your code, for your valuable and passionate feedback, and for helping us build what Bitbucket Cloud is today. We can't wait to see what you build next!

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