Say Trello to boards in Bitbucket Cloud

This feature will be deprecated on June 8, 2022.

Your team just came up with a great new idea for a feature, product, Airbnb for dogs, whatever it is….it’s amazing (naturally) and you’re ready to get started. But often building a product feels like chaos with so many spreadsheets, emails, chats, bugs, features, releases, and more. Keeping track of it all seems impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one place where your whole team could plan requirements, assign tasks, start coding, collaborate, and deploy to your customers? If you didn’t have to fumble around deciding where you’re going to document user stories and requirement details? And what if you could bring your designers and marketers into the conversation instead of having to collaborate with them through a separate medium?

Well, now you can! With Trello boards in Bitbucket Cloud, spin up a Trello board and get your entire team on the same page, instantly. 

If you haven’t heard of Trello, well, get ready to get work done, fast. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards let you organize and prioritize projects in a fast, flexible way. Trello is one of the worlds most popular project planning and collaboration tools, and it’s now a core part of Bitbucket’s experience. Already, 14% of Bitbucket customers use Trello for planning their software projects, and we’ve made it even easier for teams to plan and track in the tool they already know and love. Give your team a shared workspace that takes you from planning to deploying with hackathon speed – for free.

Why use Trello boards in Bitbucket?

Everything in one place

With boards in Bitbucket, you now have one place for planning, tracking, collaborating on code, testing and deploying. Developers save time by never bouncing between multiple applications and losing context to find their next piece of work. You don’t have to add and configure user permissions in a separate tool because access to Trello boards can be set based on Bitbucket’s repository permissions. Keep work moving fast by having everything and everyone organized in one tool.

Simplify your workflow – create branches directly from cards

Plan projects on a Trello board and get to coding quickly by creating a branch straight from a Trello card. Create a pull request in Bitbucket and attach it to a card to keep everyone in the loop on the status. Pick your next card from a prioritized backlog on the board and move cards through your workflow to ensure all work is complete.

Get project status at a glance

Quickly understand the status of the team’s work in a simple, digestible view without navigating around Bitbucket to find related work. Gain total traceability with branches, commits, and pull requests all associated with cards on the board. Even see build and pull request status from the front of the card with color-coded card badges that help you recognize if there are any issues. Daily stand-ups are a breeze with information like status updates, code reviewers, and more all within the details of the card.

Collaborate with your team – no coding skills necessary! 

PMs, engineers, designers, and marketers and many more contribute to the success of your product team. Extended teams now have a common language and workspace to collaborate on projects without needing to understand Bitbucket. Everyone can have one view of all their work without switching between multiple applications. Product teams can prioritize tasks and get perspective on the work getting done, and non-technical teams, like marketing, can see what's shipping and share it with customers.

The Trello integration with Bitbucket makes it easy for our developers to collaborate with our marketing team who want a fast and simple tool. They have access to our development backlog and can quickly add things like bugs, feature requests, or changes to the website.” – Alex Brown, Sr. Web Developer from

We launched Bitbucket’s Trello Power-Up back in March. If you haven’t already, make sure to install it to take advantage of the full integration.

Using Bitbucket? Here’s how to get started

Trello boards are now available on all repositories in Bitbucket. Just navigate to a repo, click on the board menu item in the sidebar, and get started. If you already have a Trello account, you can select an existing board from the drop down or create a new board. If you want to have more than one board, go to the repository settings and attach a second or third board.

Need some inspiration? Use a Trello board for agile development, bug tracking, a product roadmap, sprint retrospectives and more. Check out some of Trello’s engineering use cases.

Using GitHub? 

This is a great reason to try Bitbucket.

  1. We have Trello integrated – obviously! Marketers and Designers don’t want to learn how to use GitHub issues.
  2. Bitbucket has integrated CI/CD with Pipelines, so developers don’t spend time doing maintenance on Jenkins servers and GitHub integrations. With built-in Pipelines, see the status of your builds right in your repo. Take your code from testing to deploying in seconds.
  3. Bitbucket offers free unlimited private repositories. Nice!
  4. And, best of all, get all of this for around 25% of the cost of GitHub.
  5. Try it all for free (even premium features) for 30 days. No credit card required. Import your repo here.

Get started, it’s free

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