SourceTree 1.0 released, now with Mercurial support

It's a big day for SourceTree for Windows: We're releasing version 1.0 into the wild today. Every developer knows that hitting 1.0 is a formative moment for every product, and we think we've got a cracking release for you to check out. The full release notes have the complete story but here are the highlights:


Mercurial support

The big headline feature in this release is support for Mercurial, finally bringing the Windows version into line with the Mac. Thanks to everyone who has been asking for this for their patience – to make up for it you get early access to a few Mercurial enhancements which are pending the next version on Mac, such as optimized, full-log previews of incoming / outgoing changes. Enjoy!

Push and pull counters

Push and pull

You can now see how many changes you have to push or pull on the toolbar and on your bookmarks. Never forget to push again!

Automatic remote fetching

SourceTree can now periodically fetch new commits from your default remotes in the background so you're always up to date with what's going on.

Stage and unstage shortcut buttons

Staging commits with SourceTree

By popular request we added some extra buttons to make staging and unstaging at a file level faster in Git.

… and lots more!

We really hope you enjoy this milestone release of SourceTree for Windows. Let us know what you think!


Note: If you're still on, please see our previous blog post for how to update.