Stay in context with JIRA issue details in Bitbucket Cloud

View JIRA issue details in Bitbucket Cloud

Anywhere you can add issue key links, such as commit messages, comments, pull requests, and branches, you can now see JIRA issue details to stay coordinated between code and related JIRA issues. Sign up for Bitbucket and connect JIRA to take advantage of saving time on the back and forth.

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When building software, you often find yourself navigating to different tools, littering your browser with tabs just to stay on top of the information you need. It happens so frequently that you’re likely not even aware of it. Over time, these unnecessary actions all start to add up, sapping your productivity and focus.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to bring the relevant information you need into context so that you don’t have to navigate away from your work? That’s why we’ve added JIRA issue details within Bitbucket Cloud, so you never need to navigate away from Bitbucket to get context on an issue. 

Stay in context

Click on a JIRA issue key link from within Bitbucket and see the details of the issue.

This makes it easier for you and your team to stay coordinated between code and related JIRA issues. Anywhere you can add issue key links, such as commit messages, comments, pull requests, and branches, you can now see JIRA issue details, in context. Only Bitbucket allows you to have your JIRA information at your fingertips – no other code repository tool can provide this functionality.

If you need to make edits or view further information you can easily click on the View Issue in JIRA link at the bottom.

There’s more to come

Over the next several months, we’re adding more functionality so you never have to leave Bitbucket, further speeding your development cycle.

Look forward to: 

  • Editing the available fields that are shown
  • Adding comments
  • Transitioning issues into a new status

Get started

Ensure Bitbucket and JIRA Software are connected. 

If you’re already using issue keys in your commit messages today, simply click on the links to enjoy visibility on JIRA issues. If you’re not using issue keys in Bitbucket, try adding one to your next commit message. Type out an issue key that exists in one of your JIRA projects, for example, “TEST-123” and voilà, you should now be able to click on the issue keys to view it’s details. Read more about using issue keys in Bitbucket here. 

Having trouble? You may need to reconnect your JIRA and Bitbucket connection. Visit our troubleshooting page if you run into issues or contact support.

Not using JIRA Software and Bitbucket together?

JIRA Software is the preferred issue tracker of over 350,000 Bitbucket teams. We did an extensive study amongst our users and found teams who have JIRA Software and Bitbucket integrated release 14% more often and close 23% more issues (when compared to teams using just one of those products).

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