Update on how to submit product feedback

We're changing the way we manage suggestions for new Bitbucket features in our public issue tracker. Our aim is to improve the quality of information and make it feasible for us to give regular updates on all the suggestions we're considering.

After May 1, 2022, you’ll no longer be able to create new Suggestions in our Bitbucket Cloud (BCLOUD) project on jira.atlassian.com. We'll create them on your behalf, as we already do for bugs.

To provide feedback or a feature suggestion, please use the Give Feedback option on the help menu, or start a conversation in the Atlassian Community.

Ideas collected via those channels are reviewed and may appear as new Suggestions in the BCLOUD project, where you can watch, vote, and comment. Also check our roadmap, which shows what's already planned over the next few quarters.

This change will allow us to consolidate and clarify the influx of customer feedback, and focus attention on popular ideas we want to explore further.