Updated repository size limits and automatic garbage collection

We are happy to announce that we've made improvements to our repository size limits and how those size limits are maintained by you and within Bitbucket. We are progressively rolling out these changes over the next 2 weeks through November 10.

By default, the Bitbucket Cloud repository size limit is 4GB. In the past, when you exceeded the 4GB limit, your repo would be inaccessible. And you would have to contact support to run garbage collection. Moving forward:

  • We will no longer be marking repositories inaccessible if they exceed their repository size limit. If your repository goes over the limit, Bitbucket will allow you to push an update if a repository reset or rollback was done, and no new commits are introduced.
  • In addition, if you are over the size limit and you reset commits, we will automatically run a full garbage collection for you to clean up those dangling commits. This is now the default behavior across all repositories.

For example, imagine you've accidentally pushed a large file in your most recent commit. You are now over the repository size limit, so you rewind this commit to get back under the size limit. Then we automatically run garbage collection after you rewind the commit, and the old (now dangling) commit with the large file is removed and therefore not included in your repository size. Contacting our Support team to run garbage collection will no longer be necessary! For more details on how to rewind or undo your latest commit, refer to the Reduce repository size help documentation.