Save time with default pull request descriptions

The Description field lets pull request authors set the context for a code review. By default, pull request descriptions automatically populate with a list of commits when there’s more than one commit on the source branch. The list of commits provides a basic description of the author's changes and provides a basis for creating a more complete description.

However, many teams find it useful to include additional information such as screenshots, links, business context about the change, or testing notes to help reviewers understand the proposed changes more thoroughly and complete their review more quickly.

To help remind authors what information to include, repository admins can now add predefined text to all new pull requests with the Default description repository setting.

default pull request description

Get started with Default PR descriptions

If you're new to Bitbucket, sign up for a Bitbucket Cloud account to test out pull request descriptions. Already a Bitbucket customer? Head to your repository settings, then default description.

Have any questions? Discuss the new pull request default description functionality with the Bitbucket Community and the product team here.