We’ll be at Git Merge 2017!

At this very moment, members of Atlassian’s Bitbucket and SourceTree teams are converging on the city of Brussels, Belgium for the annual Git Merge conference and Git Contributors’ Summit. If you happen to be attending the conference, or are otherwise in the neighborhood, come along to our Beers on Bitbucket meetup on Thursday night to meet some of the developers behind Atlassian’s DVCS tools. In addition to providing (and imbibing) beer, we’ll be hosting a few short tech talks covering various aspects of our Git tools:

  • Bitbucket Architect Erik van Zijst will discuss our recent proposal to add clonebundle support to Git
  • SourceTree Developer Mike Corsaro will give a tech talk on SourceTree’s combined usage of both native git and libgit2
  • Bitbucket Developer Tim Pettersen (that’s me) will demo Bitbucket’s new built-in CI/CD service: Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Registration is free, so sign up here and come along to The Pentalounge, Pentahotel Brussels City Centre on Thursday from 5 – 7.30 to get your Git on.

    Sadly the actual Git Merge conference is now sold out, but if you’re coming along keep an eye out for these cheerful Atlassians and bug them for some Bitbucket swag:


    Also, make sure you catch my session Git aliases of the Gods! at 3.15pm for a fun and moderately educational look at how to use (and abuse) Git’s aliasing system. Actually it’s a single track conference, so you don’t have a choice ?

    But more importantly, we’re excited to rub shoulders with both contributors and enthusiasts of the world’s most popular distributed version control system, and geek out on Git for 48 hours in Belgium.