Who’s On Bitbucket? Adafruit Learning System Raspberry Pi WebIDE

Cool projects are popping up on Bitbucket all the time, and we thought it’d be great to share them with you from time to time in our new Who’s On Bitbucket? series. We kick it off with the Adafruit Learning System Raspberry Pi WebIDE.

Adafruit, the NYC based open-source hardware company led by Ladyada, recently released their open-source Raspberry Pi WebIDE alpha. Striving to be the easiest way to develop code on your Raspberry Pi, the WebIDE has many features to help program your device. Find your repositories neatly listed within the IDE and quickly access your source code, or talk directly to your Raspberry Pi with the built-in Terminal button. Learn more about using the WebIDE.

To get up and running, head on over to Adafruit and follow the installation and setup instructions.  Any code changes you make will be synced to your Bitbucket account. Adafruit chose Bitbucket over other repository hosting sites due to our free unlimited private repositories.

For those of you who don’t know, the Raspberry Pi is a $25 highly hackable Linux computer designed to help teach kids about computers. It’s popularity among the maker community is following the same wave as the Arduino. As of this post’s publishing, there are 655 WebIDE/Raspberry Pi projects on Bitbucket.

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