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How to use

Download function

Download the data from the trackers. Every track has a unique name. After the tracks are downloaded you will be asked to provide a tracker ID. Please provide an ID that uniqly identifies the tracker. The tracker ID will be added to the begin of the filename. The filenames and the ID's will be saved in a CSV file.

The CSV file keeps also a record of every tracker without any data.

The files will be stored in the igotU helper folder under files/track. The files will be saved as track and bin files. With the convert function you can convert this files to CSV and GPX files.

It is not recommended to use the download function together with the tracker whipe function. Please make sure that you have all the data from the trackers before you clean the trackers from all the data.

Before you download data from the tracker it is necessary that you save all tracks that are stored wihtin the @ trip PC software and the igotU helper. When you download tracks with the igotU helper ealiere downloads will be removed from the @ trip PC software and the igotU helper.

Other functions

All other functions are explained within the program. You can hover above the question marks to get more information.