Improve end-user documentation, description of the system, and advertisement

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Patryk Kubiak created an issue

Goal Reason

We need more system developers to speed up the system development and improve quality of the code. Currently it is hard to find them, because the system is not well described and there is nothing that can encourage them to join the team as none of lastly implemented features is described on the website nor youtube channel. Currently it is also hard to share a knowledge about the system because of poor documentation.

General Description

At the end of the goal, the system has to be ready for advertising and promoting. It has to be well described (at least on a user level) to allow for using and recommending to friends. There has to be a good development process description (for example on bitbucket wiki) to allow for easily introduce newcomers. Promotion has to start before the next release.

List of points

  • [ #208 ] - Preparation of system usage description and examples for end-users
  • [ #209 ] - Preparation of description for development process, coding-standard and general coding rules
  • [ #210 ] - Improving advertising of the system with new youtube videos, features description and the system usage examples

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