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The Game Engine itself is designed to be very simplistic, as it is up to the programming and creative capabilities of each Player to overcome the real-world applicable issues with actual space exploration. Such problems include communication, information collection, efficient resource acquisition, as well as various economical and combat related procedures.

Starting with a Mothership, the Player can gather resources and construct additional ships with a unlimited range of attributes and equipment. Each ship is not directly controllable, but can navigate the world using behaviors defined by a custom script attached to it by the Player.

Depending on the equipment installed, each Ship (and therefore each Ship script) will have limited knowledge of the Universe around it. A Ship can only see what it's radars are capable detecting and it will only be able to communicate with Ships in range of it's Communications Systems. Clever scripting, however, can easily overcome some of these limitations.



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Installation and Running

Please see the README for more information.