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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play against Oakfoam?

At the moment, you need to build it from source. You can then proceed to run it. Sometimes you will also find Oakfoam on KGS in the Computer Go room.

What are the strongest parameter settings for Oakfoam on my machine?

Set thread_count to the number of cores on your machine (including any hyperthreads). Enable pondering with ponder_enabled. Set memory_usage_max to an amount appropriate for your machine. See Parameters for info on other parameters you might want to adjust.

How do I improve scaling on my multi-core machine?

Make sure Oakfoam is using the Hoard memory allocator. This can be enabled using the configure script option --with-hoard=<libdir>. Refer to Install for more information.

What does parameter xyz do?

Refer to Parameters.

How do I build Oakfoam for Linux?

Refer to Install.