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Scripts form the main portion of Mono:UI. They fulfil many different purposes. This page provides an overview, but you will have to visit a script's own wiki page for an in-depth explanation of its usage.


Category Script Arguments Description
m_init Initiates the functionality of the library.
DEPRECATED Lists deprecated resources.
m_property_define String name Defines a Property.
m_property_target_define String name, Object target Defines a Property target.
m_property_set_default String target, String property, Mixed value Sets a Property's default value.
m_property_get_default String [target], String property Gets a Property's default value.
m_property_set_value Instance instance, Array properties Sets a Property for an instance.
m_perform_plan Plan plan Carries out a Plan.
m_make_theme String name, Colour primary, Colour secondary, Colour text, Colour border, Boolean [rgb] Defines a Theme.
m_get_theme String name Gets a Theme by its name.
m_draw_text Real x1, Real y1, Real x2, Real y2, String string, FA halign, FA valign Draws text.
m_draw_icon Real x1, Real y1, Real x2, Real y2, Sprite sprite, Real size, mono_ESide labelSide, FA halign, FA valign, Colour blend Draws an Icon.
__m_error String [error], Boolean [abort] Throws an error.
__m_calculate_overlapping Calculates an overlap.
__m_calculate_overlapping_all Calculates an overlap for all Mono:UI elements.

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