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Typing 2e-1 returns 4,43656365691809047072. It treats "e" as the constant.

Typing 2e+1 returns 20.

So, when typing "e" the popup shows the constant unless it is followed by the plus sign which then becomes the scientific notation e.

SpeedCrunch master (Qt 5.8.0)

MacOS 10.12.5 (16F73)

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  1. Samuel Gaist

    Sorry for the late reply, I lost the notification.

    One possibility would be to tag a 0.12.1 version with the current master and publish that one.

    Replacing the 0.12 with the current master would create a difference with the other platforms which is IMHO not be a good idea.

  2. Tey'

    I believe this is related to issue #729 which was also posted by a MacOS user. Both issues should be merged I think.

    AFAIK, the MacOS release has been published after other releases (Win/Linux), but using the source code from the master branch, not from the branch-0.12 branch. That's why the MacOS release contain that bug while the other releases do not.

    We can either rebuild the MacOS 0.12 release using the appropriate branch (but users with current MacOS version will have trouble while updating because of Unicode operators in history file) or build a new MacOS release using current master source code (provided it is stable enough). In the latter case, we should tag it differently (as @Samuel Gaist suggested) and probably produce new releases for other platforms as well.

    Or we can just wait for 1.0 to be released, which is expected to happen soon-ish IIRC.

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