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Jesse Johnson
created an issue

I propose we add a toggle option which prevents more than one window from being opened. While enabled, when a user attempts to open a new window while the singleton window already is opened, the singleton window will be displayed instead of a new window.

Rationale: Many times while using speedcrunch I accidentally open many instances of it because I forgot I had previously opened it. On particularly busy/forgetful days this leads to 10+ SpeedCrunch windows cluttering my Alt-Tab. This is especially troublesome when I need a previous result and cannot remember which window I typed it in! Forcing the first window to be the only window would solve all this.

Minor issue: When using virtual desktops I sometimes may want multiple windows (one per desktop). It would be nice to enforce a one-per-desktop rule, but to keep things simple we probably could just stick with one vs. many windows as being a single toggle.

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  1. Oliver Gubler

    Just came here to request this option, because I have the same issue. Having many instances open really mixes up the history. As there might be use-cases where many instances are needed, I would vote for the toogle switch in the settings.

    Another approach to solve this problem would be to have the option to sync all open instances on a computer, so that whatever is entered in one instance also shows up in the history of all other instances. But this might be quite complicated to implement.

  2. Joshua Rendon

    I would also like this feature. This would give existing users who use single-instance mode as part of their workflow consistent functionality with previous versions. Personally, I bind my keyboard calculator key to launch speedcrunch. In previous versions instead of creating a new instance of speedcrunch hitting this key would bring the current instance of speedcrunch to focus. When I switched over to version 0.12, I expected the same behavior and instead opened around 20 instances of the program before I realized the behavior had been changed.

    For the time being, would a simple fix be to allow setting of the old single-window behavior via an entry in a configuration file?

  3. Derei

    In the meantime, I am using AutoHotkey to force single instance in Windows.


    • change the Run path of speedcrunch accordingly to your needs
    • I modified keyboard key association so the Calc button on my keyboard will trigger SpeedCrunch

    ; Forces single instance for SpeedCrunch
    ; In case SpeedCrunch is open, it will bring it topmost, if is closed, it will open it
    IfWinExist SpeedCrunch
            Run C:\Program Files (x86)\SpeedCrunch\speedcrunch.exe
            WinWait SpeedCrunch
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