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The Wurbelizer is a lightweight code generator. It is easy to integrate, easy to learn and yet flexible and powerful. This document covers the usage and integration. For an overview and tutorial please visit

Terms and Definitions

  • wurbelizer: the code generator project as a whole.
  • wurbiler: translates the template source code into Java code and serialized text files.
  • wurbler: parses the application's source files and invokes the wurblets to insert or update generated code in the source files within well-defined regions.
  • wurblet: a code generator that is executed by the wurbler.
  • guarded block: a well-defined region within a source file, generated by a wurblet.
  • guard type: a pattern describing the bounds of a guarded block.
  • wurblet anchor: a Java comment that describes a guarded block by its name, the wurblet generating its contents and optional arguments (usually to locate some model or other parameters further specifying the code generation process).
  • wurbile: verb describing the translation and compilation of a wurblet
  • wurbel: verb describing the code generation


1. Code Levels

2. Build Tool Integration

3. Wurblet Level Syntax

4. Source Level Syntax

5. Guard Types

6. Writing Wurblets