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Current Version


Supported Minecraft Versions

1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15

Compatible servers

Paper, Spigot

What is RPGMobs?

LorinthsRpgMobs is a plugin that gives you complete control over the mobs on your server. By using this plugin you can provide an RPG experience for your players by making your creatures more difficult with a leveling system based on distance or region. Additionally, for mobs that can wear equipment, you can configure what gear they have at which levels. To take the Rpg experience a step further we even allow you to configure chances for mobs to turn into bosses by using Mythic Mobs or the Boss Plugin

How it works?

RPGMobs is a simple 'plug and play' plugin that adds difficulty to creatures. It provides scalability through an internal leveling system. The mobs will display a level indication, based on their distance from admin created spawnpoints, so players will be able to visually gauge their difficulty.

The plugins default formula to create mob levels is as follows: (((Distance from closest spawnpoint) - CenterBuffer) / Distance) + 1 = Mob Level

When creating a spawn point, an admin will decide it's characteristics with the /lrm spawnpoint set command.

Vanilla+ Experience

For Server owners who don't necessarily want an RPG Experience but want some variety of mobs, that is also possible! Using the built-in variant system you can provide entities with mounts on spawn, have burning enemies attempt to send your players to a fiery grave, or simply hook up the economy functionality so that mobs drop money upon death.

Feature List

  • A distance-based spawn point system that is used to calculate a mobs level. It is highly configurable, and world independent.
  • Region based setups that utilizes plugins like worldguard to customize mob features by location.
  • Provides several types of mob variants to create new types of challenges for your players.
  • Every entity and variant can be customized to individual needs.
  • All formulas used in RPGMobs (XP, scaling, leveling, loot chance, etc) are editable.
  • Customizable modifiers to increase, or decrease, rewards based on a "player vs mob" comparison.
  • A thorough loot system that has custom loot tables as well as the ability to create custom loot.
  • A feature that will warn players when they are entering an area that may be beyond their ability... or one that will not benefit them in leveling.
  • A configurable health display. Your players no longer have to guess when their mob will die, they will see the progress in real-time.
  • Compatibility with several plugins. Everyone wins when plugins can get along!


  • /lrm butcher [flags -magsbvf] *[radius/help]* - This removes entities in the world. By default when used with no flags it will only butcher mobs. Use of the following flags can help customize the command:
    • -m : ignore mobs
    • -a : animals
    • -g : iron golems
    • -s : armor stands
    • -b : ambient creatures (Bats/Squids)
    • -v : villager
    • -f : flying (Phantom/Ghast)
  • /lrm region *[here/info/list/remove/set]*
    • /lrm region here
    • /lrm region info [regionid]
    • /lrm region list
    • /lrm region remove [regionid]
    • /lrm region set [regionid] [level]
  • /lrm reload
  • /lrm spawnpoint *[all/info/list/remove/set]*
    • all - List all spawn points in all worlds.
    • list - List spawn points in current world
    • info [name] - Displays the named spawnpoints configuration.
    • remove [name] - Removes the named spawnpoint from the world permanently.
    • set [name] [distance] [level] [maxlevel] [centerbuffer] [variance][maxdistance] - This will create a spawnpoint centered where your player is standing. It has the following configuration options (* means required):
      • name* : What the spawnpoint will be called.
      • distance* : How many blocks should there be until a mob will level up? (i.e a distance of 50 means that mobs will level up every 50 blocks from the spawn point.)
      • level* : The starting level of the mob.
      • maxlevel: The max level mobs can be. (Default:1000)
      • centerbuffer: How much space should there be before we actually start leveling up the mobs? (Default: 0)
      • variance : This is a value added on to the level of the mobs to provide a variance in levels. (Default: 0)
      • maxdistance : By default, spawnpoints are worldwide when created. You can set a maxdistance to a spawnpoint. (Default: -1 = infinite)
  • /lrm loot
  • /lrm update


  • lrm.admin - gives access to most the commands above
  • lrm.butcher - gives access to the butcher command
  • lrm.update - gives access to /lrm update - uses auto updater to allow for automatic updates!

Configuration File(s)

Quick Iterative Updates/Fixes

The plugin has many features and is built consistently around feature requests and bug reports across spigot/bukkit/discord. The developer is very active and very willing to mold his plugins into what the players need, and even simply what they want.