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Philippe Henri created an issue


Please find attached an example where bold is not detected, and this corrupts the formatting when restoring the original file (all text becomes bold): see file withoutmasterslide.pptx

I note also that when the same file has a master slide, some extra surrounding tags are generated instead of surrounding only the formatted words ? see withmasterslide.pptx

I include both files the xlf and the result restored (…out.pptx)

ps: using PowerPoint for Mac v16



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  1. Jim Hargrave Work

    I've added this file to our integration tests and under the current dev code passes. There's a good chance this has been fixed.

  2. Philippe Henri reporter

    thanks Jim - but can you include also withoutmasterslide.pptx to your tests because as I said there are two problems. look the withmasterslide.out.ppts (generated by tikal.sh), show all formatting corrupted → all text is bold !! see attached screen cap. thanks.

  3. Jim Hargrave Work

    Any logged warnings from tikal? I I think the tkitMerged file is the same as your out file (merged result?). But I will add it in any case/

  4. Philippe Henri reporter

    And to be complete, here is a screen cap of the first problem, instead of surrounding the word “bold” which is in bold, it surrounds the text before and the text after with tags (instead of doing only …<g>bold</g>…), or does nothing in the second pptx….

  5. Philippe Henri reporter

    I tried, exactly the 2 same problems :(

    it may pass the test but the result is corrupted and the tags are in the wrong place as detailled above. ps: i suspect the formatting might come from the slide master layout (otherwise why would okapi add tags at the begining of the segment instead of around the word “bold” only)?

  6. Denis Konovalyenko

    @Philippe Henri , withmasterslide.pptx document has been successfully round-tripped on the latest dev (1.44-SNAPSHOT).

    Original document UI:

    Merged document UI:

    Do you think you would be able to check the issue against the latest snapshot version?

  7. Denis Konovalyenko

    @Philippe Henri , please do not bother about the check! There is a confirmation of styles mismatch for withoutmasterslide.pptx document.

    Original document UI:

    Merged document UI:

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