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Medio is a package for Synology DSM that automatically organizes your photos and videos chronologically based on file metadata.


  1. Easy to use. Configure Medio once and forget it, new photos will organize themselves.
  2. Integrates with your existing workflow. Whether you use the photo uploader, mobile DS Photo app, or copy photos via NFS, AFS, or SMB, Medio has you covered.
  3. Smart. Medio will use DateTimeOriginal, CreateDate, or FileModifyDate to organize your files.
  4. Lightweight. Written in python and using the kernel inotify functionality, it only jumps into action when necessary. No polling.
  5. Uses trusted software. Uses the wonderful exiftool underneath to process EXIF data and do the organizing.
  6. Complements DSM functionality. The DSM keeps indexes on the media it holds, Medio makes sure the DSM is always up-to-date. Photo Station and mobile apps still function perfectly.
  7. Configurable. Easily customize how your files are named using standard standard exiftool formatting

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