Latest features

  • Pin a comment to the top of an issue

    You can now pin a comment to the top of an issue, making it your official response.

  • Bring back repository avatars

    Enable this feature to reintroduce repository avatars on your Bitbucket dashboard and when viewing your repositories.

    Project avatars will still be visible when you view your projects.

  • "Ignore whitespace" button

    You can now ignore whitespace in diffs using the new “Ignore Whitespace” menu item.

    We have supported ignoring whitespace for quite some time, but you've previously had to know what to add to your page URL (?w=1, for those who are curious). As of today you can now avoid that hassle and use a UI element to accomplish the same goal.

  • Build status

    Want to see your CI results directly in Bitbucket? This feature provides a build status on commits, branches, and pull requests, indicating when it's safe to merge changes.

  • Two-step verification is here

    Secure your account with two-step verification. Your account stays secure even if your password is compromised.

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