Bring more context to your code with Compass

A Bitbucket repository showing the details of its equivalent Compass component.

The context challenge

Understanding and interacting with code repositories can be frustrating: you often don't get all of the information you need to get your work done efficiently and effectively. Who owns the repository? What are its dependencies? Where do I ask for help about interacting with it?

This lack of context around code, and the time it takes to find it somewhere in the bowels of your organization, slows everything down. It breaks your development flow, creates team bottlenecks, and takes longer for your organization to put valuable software into customers’ hands.

Thankfully, there's a way out.

The context cure

Compass, a developer experience platform, lets you catalog the components of your software architecture (which include your code repositories), enrich them with data from across your toolchain, and define health standards to improve its performance.

When you connect Compass to Bitbucket, you can bring the information about those components right into the code repositories they're associated with: to start, this means you'll see the component's owner teams, dependencies, and chat channels next to your code.

Having this context around your code is invaluable. You can see who owns it, where to go to get help with it, and what its dependencies are in your wider software architecture. This means less time searching for essential information, more time in development flow, and more confidence in your work.

Get started

  1. Get Compass for free, or request it for your organization.
  2. Connect Compass to your Bitbucket workspace. You'll need to be an admin of the workspaces you want to connect to.
  3. Create your Compass catalog using Bitbucket repositories, or link repositories to components you've already created.

Go to any repository's Source page, and you'll see a Compass component card that shows the associated software component's owner team, dependencies, and chat channels.

What else would you like to see?

As we continue to bring your code and software catalog closer together, we'd love to know how else you'd get value from integrating Bitbucket and Compass.

Let us know in the Compass Community.