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ExtraModMod for FFHII

ExtraModMod is a modification of the popular Fall from Heaven II mod for Civilization IV. ExtraModMod strives to improve the gameplay of the original mod, add new interesting options and features and to stay true to the original lore of the Erebus setting.

Most of the new features included in the mod are quite mature and stable, but some parts are still undergoing development. Testing, feedback and contributions are encouraged and highly appreciated. If you are interested in providing better bug reports, then the Testing Guide is for you.


The full credits of the mod can be found both at the emm_credits.txt file in the download. You can also check it ingame, in the credits tab of the BUG options.


A list with all of the features and changes included in the mod can be found at the emm_features.txt file in the download.


The base version of Fall from Heaven II used by ExtraModMod is Fall from Heaven II 0.41o.

ExtraModMod also includes More Naval AI. This mod brings an enhanced AI and some select features to Fall from Heaven II, along with a lot of bug fixes and nearly no OOS errors.

ExtraModMod borrows many improvements and tweaks to gameplay from Erebus in the Balance. EitB is a balance and polish mod that aims to increase the strategic viability of many units and technology strategies.

Besides being based on More Naval AI and Erebus in the Balance, ExtraModMod borrows features from many other sources, while others have been developed specifically for it. The details can be found at the credits.


ExtraModMod is available for download at the Downloads tab. To install this mod you need to paste the compressed file's contents over a clean installation of Fall from Heaven II 0.41o. A complete installer is planned for when ExtraModMod reaches a more stable stage.


Feedback about balance, improvements, bugs, suggestions or anything else is always welcome. The Testing Guide shows how to provide better information on bug reports. You can give feedback at the ExtraModMod CivFanatics forum thread, or use the issue tracker. You can find a summary of the issue tracker containing only the planned features in the proposals wiki page.


ExtraModMod takes components from a lot of sources and as such one of its goals is to give back to the Civilization IV modding community. It is encouraged to use parts of ExtraModMod in your own work if you want to, but do not forget to give credit to the creators of the components you are using (you can check the full credits of each modification in the Components page). Here is a list of planned proposals that you can browse. Giving feedback or, even better, helping with their development is encouraged. You can check the full development notes here.


  • TaSSeRD, KuBaTRiZeS and Exmorphis for helping me test this modmod long before its first release, and for their reviews and ideas.
  • lfgr, for all of the feedback, contributions and development made for ExtraModMod.
  • Firaxis and everyone else involved in the creation of Civilization IV and its expansions, for creating a great game and giving the community the possibility to mod it.
  • To Kael and the rest of the Fall from Heaven II team, for all of their work in creating such an incredible mod.
  • Tholal, for his great work with the AI, bugfixing and new features in More Naval AI.
  • Sareln, for coordinating the playtesting discussions about Erebus in the Balance and implementing the changes from which ExtraModMod borrows a lot.
  • To the people at the #erebus IRC channel, for helping me with my modding questions.
  • Asaf, for his guide to compiling the DLL.
  • To all the people who contributes to Fall from Heaven in any way, for keeping the community alive and for creating the code and art that allowed me to learn and add what I needed.
  • To the entire CivFanatics community.