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ExtraModMod / Proposals


All development proposals are listed in the issue tracker. You can conveniently check them by using the following link:

Proposals with high priority are correctly defined and will be included in future major versions of ExtraModMod. Proposals with low priority are either just ideas that have not been defined correctly or stuff that would be nice to have but is not a big priority right now.

Complete proposals

These proposals will be implemented and included in the next major version of ExtraModMod. They are nearly completely designed but feedback is welcome.

Improved Grigori AI for adventurers

Grigori Adventurer Counter tweaks

Unique features

Tech requirement for Puppet States: Requires feedback.

Civics changes

Kuriotate Airships as workboats

Changes to Auric Ascended

Armageddon counter changes to buildings

Governor's Mannor change

Axemen/Swordsmen no longer can use Mithril weapons

No extra leaders game option

Victory condition changes: Only the changes to existing victory conditions.

Wonders changes and additions


Tsunami change

Incomplete proposals

These proposals require additional design and feedback to be implemented.

BarbsPlus: Specific parts of it may be included if they are deemed complete.

Resource tweaks

Great General emergence wonder

Luchuirp Golem Buildings: Requires artwork suggestions for the new buildings.

Victory condition changes: The new victory conditions require to be rewritten properly and need more feedback.

Elohim Monks