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Play with Spritey, Codea Lua for kids

The Beginning of Spritey

While these may seem too easy, it's good for people of all ages to go though them to get these 1 or 2 line concepts.

* Something New -- making a new program

* Setting the Stage -- adding the background sprite

* Introducing Spritey -- adding a sprite to the screen (using numbers)

* Hide and Seek -- comments

* More Hide and Seek -- draw order

* Go, Spritey, Go -- sprite position

* X marks the spot -- controling a sprite's position with a variable

* Run, Spritey, Run -- math in the draw loop

* Speak, Spritey, Speak -- printing

* Super Spritey Grow Power -- stretching a sprite

* Zombie Spritey -- tinting

The Adventures of Spritey continue

These are not hard, but, do require a little more work to see new adventures.

* Watching Spritey -- watching numbers

* Here, Spritey, Here -- moving a sprite to your finger

* Hang on Spritey -- moving a sprite with gravity

* Blowing Bubbles -- using ellipse

* Coloring Bubbles -- using fill

* Square Bubbles? -- using rect

* See Though Bubbles -- using nofill

* Thicker Bubbles -- using strokewidth

* More Coloring Bubbles -- using stroke

Spritey goes to school

Spritey has done very much. Now it is time to get organized.

* What is the Major Malfunction? -- functions

* Spritey goes to class -- class