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Unity UI Extensions release notes

This file contains the up to date release notes for each release of the UI Extensions project including release videos where required.

Update 2.0 - The update so big they had to name it twice

View 2.0 update Video

Be sure to logon to the new Gitter Chat site for the UI Extensions project, if you have any questions, queries or suggestions

Much easier than posting a question / issue on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook :D

UIExtensions Gitter Chanel

New / updated features

  • Major updates to the Line renderer for texture and positioning support, inc Editor support
  • Line Renderer also includes "dotted" line support and the ability to increase the vertex count
  • Reorderable list now also works in Screenspace-Camera & Worldspace
  • H&V Scroll Snap controls now support scrollbars
  • Minor updates to the Gradient 2 control
  • Minor updates to all dropdown controls to manage control startup
  • Update UI Particle Renderer with new updates, including Texture Sheet animation support
  • New Selectable Scalar
  • New MonoSpacing text effect
  • New Multi-Touch Scrollrect support
  • New UI Grid Renderer (handy if you want a UI grid background)
  • New CoolDownButton control (adds a timer between button clicks)
  • New Curly UI - for those who like their UI Bendy
  • New Fancy Scroll View - A programmatic scroll view
  • New UI Line connector control - extends line renderer to draw lines between UI Objects
  • New Radial Slider control - for those who like their sliders to curve
  • New Stepper control - a +/- control similar to that found on iOS
  • New Segmented Control - A button array control similar to that found on iOS
  • New UIHighlightable control - just in case the user wasn't sure where they were

Examples / Examples / Examples

Finally added some proper examples, especially for the newer controls. These can be found in the Examples folder (which can be safely deleted if you wish)

  • ColorPicker - shows the Color Picker UI in both SS and WS
  • ComboBox - shows all the different combo box controls
  • Cooldown - several example implementations of the cooldown button control using Unity image effects and SAUIM
  • CurlyUI - shows off the CurlyUI control
  • FancyScrollView - the only REAL way to understand this programmatic control (direct from the contributor)
  • HSS-VSS-ScrollSnap - several working examples of the HSS/VSS scroll snaps (not ScrollSnap or FancyScrollView), including a full screen variant
  • MenuExample - A demo menu implementation showing off the new MenuManager control
  • Radial Slider - Just keep on sliding
  • ReorderableList - Several examples of the re-orderable list in action, complete with managed drag / drop features
  • ScrollConflictManager - Making ScrollRects get along
  • SelectionBox - The RTS selector in action, showing examples of selecting 2D and 3D objects
  • Serialisation - Unit test case examples for the serialisation components
  • TextEffects - All the Text effects and shaders in one easy to view place
  • UIlineRenderer - Several demos / examples for using the Line Renderer and UI Line connector controls
  • UIVerticalScrollerDemo - A full screen example of a UIVertical Scroller implementation.


  • H&V Scroll Snap Next/Previous Button interactable handler (only enables when there is a child to move to)
  • H&V Scroll Snap Swipe logic updated and now includes scaling support
  • Editor options for non-drawing graphic control
  • Events in ComboBox, Dropdown and autocomplete controls updated to use UI events
  • UIFlippable "Argument out of Range" bigfix (pesky component orders with effects)
  • All primitive controls will now redraw when enabled in code
  • Autocomplete has two lookup text methods now, Array and Linq
  • Line renderer pivot fix (now respects the pivot point)
  • TextPic rendering and event updates
  • Minor tweaks to the UIParticle system to remove "upgrade" errors. Still needs a rework tbh
  • Clean up of all unnecessary usings (swept under the rug)

Known issues

Serialisation functionality has been removed due to several incompatibilities between platforms, suggest the UniversalSerialiser as an alternative. May bring back if there is demand. (or copy out the source from the previous release)

Upgrade Notes

With this being a major version update, it is recommended to remove the old UI Extensions folder before importing the new asset.

Update 1.2

View 1.2 update Video

New / updated features

  • Major updates to the Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Snap controls
  • Replacement HSV/Color picker control (and new Box Slider control)
  • Fixes / updates to the TextPic control
  • Updates to SoftAlphaUI script - improved Text / worldspace support
  • Updates to Extensions Toggle - Adds ID and event to publish ID on change
  • New Gadient control (gradient 2)
  • New UI ScrollRect Occlusion utility
  • New UI Tween Scale utility
  • New UI Infinite ScrollRect
  • New Table Layout Group


  • H&V Scroll Snap indexing issues
  • H&V Scroll Snap performance updates
  • H&V Scroll Snap Long swipe behavior updated
  • H&V Scroll Snap support for Rect Resizing
  • TextPic Set set before draw issues
  • HSV picker replaced with more generic color picker

Known issues

  • The Image_Extended control has been removed due to Unity upgrade issues. Will return in a future update.

Upgrade Notes

Although not specifically required, it is recommended to remove the old UI Extensions folder before importing the new asset The HSS picker especially had a lot of file changes in this update.

Note In Unity 5.5 the particle system was overhauled and several methods were marked for removal. However, the UI Particle System script currently still uses them Either ignore these errors or remove the UIParticleSystem script in the "Unity UI Extensions / Scripts / Effects" folder

Update 1.1

View 1.1 update Video

Note for 4.6 / 5.1, some features will not be available due to their incompatibility. Also the Line Renderer remains unchanged in these releases as the updates do not work with the older system

New / updated features

  • New Polygon primitive
  • New UI Vertical Scroller control
  • New Curved layout component
  • New Shining effect
  • New UI Particle system <-5.3+ only
  • New Scroll Conflict Manager
  • Soft Alpha Mask updated in line with SAUI 1.3 release
  • Line Renderer has had a complete overhaul, including full programmatic support, Line list and Bezier line rendering
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Snaps updated to include a Starting page, current page and transition speed parameters. Plus a new GoToPage, Add and Remove page functions
  • Added some script helper functions for LZF compression and Serialization
  • Two utilities to help manage drag thresholds on high PPI systems


  • Line Render almost completely re-written with tons of fixes
  • Radial layout updated to avoid 360 overlap (first and last)
  • Scroll Snaps updates to better handle children.
  • Scroll Snaps distribute function updated so it can be called onDirty more efficiently.

Upgrade Notes

Two scripts were moved and need their originals need deleting post upgrade. Please remove the following files: Scripts\ImageExtended Scripts\UIImageCrop


  • Minor update to enhance soft alpha mask and add cylinder text plus a fix to letter spacing

Update 1.0.6

View 1.0.6 update Video

  • Added the awesome ReOrderable List control, plus some other minor bugfixes / changes.
  • Added a new version of the Scroll Snap control as an alternative to the fixed versions.
  • New set of controls including some shader enhanced solutions
  • I've added a donate column to the lists. If you are getting great use out of a control, help out the dev who created it. Optional of course. Will update with links as I get them.

Update 1.0.5

Few minor fixes and a couple of additional scripts. Predominately created the new 5.3 branch to maintain the UI API changes from the 5.2.1 Patch releases. 5.3 package is 100% compatible with 5.2.1 Patch releases.

Update 1.0.4

View Getting Started Video


Additional Info


How do I get set up?

Either clone / download this repository to your machine and then copy the scripts in, or use the pre-packaged .UnityPackage for your version of Unity and import it as a custom package in to your project.

Contribution guidelines

Got a script you want added, then just fork and submit a PR. All contributions accepted (including fixes) Just ensure The header of the script matches the standard used in all scripts The script uses the Unity.UI.Extensions namespace so they do not affect any other developments * (optional) Add Component and Editor options where possible (editor options are in the Editor\UIExtensionsMenuOptions.cs file)


All scripts conform to the BSD license and are free to use / distribute. See the LICENSE file for more information

Like what you see?

All these scripts were put together for my latest book Unity3D UI Essentials Check out the page on my blog for more details and learn all about the inner workings of the new Unity UI System.

The downloads

As this repo was created to support my new Unity UI Title "Unity 3D UI Essentials", in the downloads section you will find two custom assets (SpaceShip-DemoScene-Start.unitypackage and RollABallSample-Start.unitypackage). These are just here as starter scenes for doing UI tasks in the book.

I will add more sample scenes for the UI examples in this repository and detail them above over time.